What We Do

All CLW coursework is built upon the core principles of transformation (reinventing your life, your career, and your world) and the Formula for Change:

Vision + Ownership + Strategy + Limitlessness + Drive = Extraordinary Results

If making it in your chosen career were as easy as taking one more acting class, writing one more short film, or having coffee with just one more person; you would have attained your goals already.

Even if you already know the answer to your next best step, somehow there is still a mental barrier that’s keeping you back. Oftentimes we already know we should be doing this, or should be doing that, but somehow we just keep getting in our own way. We explore what those internal barriers are, and how to break through them.


We also know that your career does not happen in a bubble. If your relationship is on the rocks, your family situation is messy, or you can’t pay your bills, then it’s highly unlikely your audition/pitch meeting/writing session will go very well. Or even if it does this once, it won’t lead to a sustained career.

We’re honestly not interested in you making just one jump in your career. Booking one TV credit or finishing one film. We’re committed to you having the career of your dreams. For DECADES. That means having the right mindset, so that your approach moving forward matches your vision. That means having the tools, knowing where to find more, and knowing how to use them.

We believe that in order for your career to work, your whole life gets to work. We take a comprehensive approach to ensure that as your career takes off, the rest of your life comes with it. Instead of holding you back.

We also know that is a journey. Moreover, if you’re not enjoying the journey then what’s the point? A singular achievement, award, or accolade will not bring happiness. However, when you live from a happy, successful, abundant place you are then on track to every career success you can imagine. We have specific processes and tools to support you in enjoying your journey to the top. 

This is a holistic approach to your life and career, in a way you may never have experienced before. If you’re looking for the “quick fix” then this isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for a radical mind shift that will give you not only sustained success and happiness in your career but in your entire life, then come join us


About Ryan and Ben

We decided to create Creative Life Work because we recognized that, after having been in Hollywood for almost a decade, creative professionals in every industry were woefully underserved by the personal and professional coaching services available. We wanted to build a community where creative people in every vocation could come together and co-conspire for each other’s success. We believe that Architects can learn from actors, and writers can learn from wedding planners.

We are committed to seeing everyone in our community succeed beyond their wildest dreams. Between our respective careers in creative professions, as well as our combined experience in building successful businesses in general, we put every tool we’ve ever created for ourselves in your hands.

This is about having not just the career of your dreams, but the life of your dreams. Whatever it is you aspire to, this is the place to make it happen.

Assuming, of course, you’re still aspiring to something. If you’re not – then it’s time for retirement! 😉

Weʼll be here to support you in creating the results youʼve always dreamed of.

You ainʼt never had a friend like us!

About Ben

Ben in CBS' CSI: Miami.

Ben in CBS’ CSI: Miami.

>Is Chair of the NextGen Performers Subcommittee and also serves on the National Communications Committee of SAG-AFTRA.

>Is the recipient of THE AWARD from The Actor’s Network, recognizing the member who best exemplifies TAN’s philosophy regarding commitment, knowledge, assistance, focus, progress, pro-activity and attitude.

>Has been flown by SAG-AFTRA across the country to teach social media to performers.

>Has actually worked on network television and in national commercials.

>Is a regular advice columnist for Backstage.

>Has built several successful businesses from the ground up, both in and outside of the entertainment industry.

>Tuition Specialists, one of the companies he co-founded, has saved college students over $25 million.

>Graduated summa cum laude from CU-Boulder with degrees in Theatre, Political Science, and Leadership.

About Ryan

Ryan speaking on a LifeRaft Panel for the SAG Foundation.

Ryan speaking on a LifeRaft Panel for the SAG Foundation.

>Has sold projects to and been in-house development for major television networks.

>Is a certified and highly qualified life and business coach who has been working with people and businesses since the Bush administration.

>Is actively packaging big budget independent films with Oscar-winning producers.

>Had a full-time career in marketing and public relations before focusing on entertainment.

>Is a regular blogger for I•▲M. >Was a talent manager before focusing solely on producing.

>Is actively coaching television/film stars and producers.